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Police in DRC Clash with Opposition Supporters in Kinshasa


GOOBJOOG NEWS | KINSHASA: Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have classed with opposition supporters who have rejected the results of last week’s presidential poll.  

Opposition candidates have termed the election as sham and demanded for a rerun of the poll that shows the incumbent with a large lead.

The Five opposition presidential candidates informed the governor of Kinshasa in a letter published on Saturday of their intention to organise the march.

However, the government has banned the protest saying it would not tolerate attempts to undermine the electoral process.

With just over nine million ballots counted so far, President Felix Tshisekedi is in the lead with almost 80% of the vote as he seeks a second term.

Football tycoon and mining magnate Moïse Katumbi is trailing him with about 16%.

Former oil executive Martin Fayulu, who claims he was robbed of victory in the 2018 election, is in third place with about 4%.

Mr Fayulu’s supporters burnt tyres and clashed with police outside his campaign headquarters in Kinshasa.

Police took up positions on key roads in the city and thwarted an attempted march to the headquarters of the electoral commission.

Mr Fayulu said that 11 of his supporters were injured, while police reported two injuries on their side.

Additional reporting by agencies