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Police on high alert in case of Al-Shabab attacks during Ramadan says Somali Police Chief

Storyline:National News




Somali chief police, Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Hamud commented on the security of Mogadishu during the holy month of Ramadan in which Al-shabab vowed to speed up its attack on the government institutions.
Speaking to BBC Somali service, Hamud said Somali police force is keeping alert on Al-Shabab’s plan to harm Somali people and government officials.
“The soldiers are on alert, they are to foil the plans of anti peace group to harm the public, we are ready to side in line with the public” he said.
He added that the police will have several checkpoints to beef up the security of the city.
Al-Shabab fighters have warned they will step up attacks in the Somali capital Mogadishu during the holy month of Ramadan, which started on Thursday.
The statement of the group came just after the Somalia government deployed dozens of heavily armed police on key streets and roads in Mogadishu to counter attacks.