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Police seize 55 drums of ethanol in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Somali security forces Friday confiscated 55 drums of ethanol which according to Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir  could be used for making explosives.

The Attorney General said the security personnel received a tip off from a resident and moved into action which led to seizure of drums destined for Karaan in Mogadishu and arrested the owner.

” The security forces seized 55 drums and we suspect the ethonol in these drum could be used for making explosives ” Dahir said.

He said the businessman, who has not been identified, will be arraigned in court once investigations are completed.

A resident who witnessed the during operation told Goobjoog News that the owner  of the drums was alleged to be alcohol distributor in Benadir region.

The security forces have rounded up dozens of suspects using liquor in Mogadishu last week. They also managed to put behind bars mugger who use machetes to rob residents during the dark hours to the extent people were unable to the mosques for morning prayers.

Till now Somalia’s security forces have been battling insurgents, warlords and tribal militias in the streets of Mogadishu and elsewhere. This seems to be making into the history books as security is improving.

Now the police have started to divert their attention to petty crimes like muggers and thieves as courts are struggling to contain domestic cases, something new to Somalia’s war ravaged country.