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Polio vaccination campaign commences in Mudug region

vacination campaignThe semi autonomous regional state of Puntland in North- estern Somalia has launched polio vaccination campaign in Mudug region after new polio cases killed over three people in some areas of the region.

The vaccination campaign  is now actively going on in Burtinle, Jariban  and Eyl areas in the region as our correspondent in Puntland reports. The vaccination campaign will continue up to 26th of this month.

The ministries of education and women affairs have jointly asked the community in Puntland to actively  take part in vaccination campaign and take their children to the vaccination centers.

Puntland education minister Ali Haji Warsame said vaccination is the only step that can taken to prevent the spread of polio in the region. He urged the community to benefit from the opportunity in hand.

Also official from Puntland  health ministry lead by the assistant minister Amina Mohamed  and other officials from UNICEF  have taken part in the campaign.

WHO has announced to have noted over 190 polio cases in Somalia last year.