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Political situation in Galmudug now stable- mediators

Storyline:National News
Senator Abshir Bukhari addressing the media Sept 3, 2017 following arrival from Adado. The mediators said they managed to bring together warring factions in Galmudug. Photo: Goobjoog TV

Federal Parliament lawmakers mediating in the Galmudug political crisis said they made significant progress in stabilizing the political and security tensions in the state following week-long talks.

Addressing the media Monday evening in Mogadishu upon arrival from Adado, the legislators said they managed to bring together the warring factions even though they could not reach a consensus on all the  contentious issues.

“We met with the diverse traditional elders and created  a common understanding among them regarding the constitutional dispute in Galmudug. We succeeded in settling the personal disputes between Galmudug leaders,” Senate first deputy Speaker Abshir Bukhari said.

Bukhari said they brought together the two sides to address their grievances ‘even though some MPs went on with impeachment attempts in restaurants which is detrimental to constitutional order’.

State president Ahmed Haaf declared a state of emergency lasting for three months Sunday days after the mediators announced the talks had collapsed.

The leaders, Bukhari said complained bitterly over overt interference from the federal government. The Senator noted the mediators had assured the federal government would no longer interfere in the Galmudug political process.

State presidents last week penned a joint statement accusing the federal government of attempts to destabilize the regional administrations citing its hand in the Galmudug crisis.