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Poor sanitation in Beledweyn town after the flood-hit

Storyline:National News

Beledweyn town, the capital of Hiraan, is currently undergoing major flash waste resulting in the recent flooding that hit the city.

The main roads of the district are blocked by a lot of waste in the flood waters.

The Mayor of Beledweyn town, Ali Abdirahman Sandheere and members of the city administration inspected the sanitation of some parts of the town.

Sandheere said that they would soon start to rehabilitate the general hygiene of Beledweyn to bring back the beauty of the town.

“We will concentrate on opening the roads, removing the rubbish, and restoring it, the city is dark and we will soon shine lightly,” said the mayor of Beledweyn.

The poor sanitation of the town has also affected the health of the large population in the town.

Beledweyne town, about 335 km north of Mogadishu, has been the scene of devastating flooding after the Shabelle River burst its banks due to heavy rainfalls.

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