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President Congratulates Galmudug Assembly

Storyline:National News

presidentsThe president of Federal Republic of Somalia Hon. Hassan Sheik Mohamed has congratulated the formation of Galmudug regional assembly which recently took shape in Adado after months of state formation conference.

He reiterated that this shows the success made in the state formation efforts in the country.

‘There is a new dawn for the people in the central regions, but more job is yet to be done, the establishment of the assembly is the foundation of the formation of full fledge state in the future, so I would like to tell the people of central regions to exploit this golden opportunity and to elect whoever they wished to lead them, and for the federal government we are ready to work with whoever got elected’ president Hassan has assured.

But the president has warned that he would not accept any regional state which would threaten the peace and the existence of another regional state.

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