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President Erdoğan is scheduled to visit Djibouti 24 with a large group of ministers, bureaucrats and businessmen.

Storyline:National News

Erdoğan will be visiting Djibouti on Jan. 24 and meet with meet with President İsmail Ömer Guelleh. The visit will help businessmen from Turkey and this nation to establish close ties, according to a statement issued from Erdoğan’s presidential office.
Erdoğan’s office also pointed out that Turkey has close historical and cultural ties with the countries of the Horn of Africa and that these countries are the strategic gateways to Middle Eastern and world markets, adding that Erdoğan’s visit aims to boost economic and trade ties with them.
The visit will also be an opportunity to discuss regional developments in Africa, the statement said.
Erdoğan plans to travel to 12 African countries this year, according to sources from the presidential office.
The Djiboutian ambassador to Turkey, Aden Hossein Abdillahi, told Today’s Zaman that the current trade volume with Turkey is only $550 million, but that this can be doubled within a couple of years if Turkish businessmen are ready to make the most of the opportunities Djibouti offers as a gateway to the entire African market.
In an interview with Today’s Zaman back in November, Abdillahi said his country aims to be a trade center, the Dubai of the region.
Souse: Zaman news