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President Farmaajo calls for end to Tukaraq fighting, appeals for dialogue

Storyline:National News, Security

President Mohamed Farmaajo has called for an end to the fighting in Tukaraq urging for dialogue to resolve the dispute.

President Farmaajo asked leaders and elders to stand up for peace and create room for dialogue noting it was unfortunate the fighting was happening as the country was about to enter into the holy month of Ramadan.

“The killings must stop forthwith and everything should be resolved through negotiation,” the President said through the state news agency, SONNA.

It is unfortunate, President Farmaajo noted ‘We are bleeding as we prepare to enter the holy month of Ramadan.”

The President’s remarks come amid defiant response from Somaliland president Muse Bihi. “Our forces have secured the victory in all directions they attacked us from,” Bihi told the media. “We have seized their weapons and defeated them.”

Somaliland and Puntland soldiers went on the offensive Tuesday morning exchanging heavy artillery fire following days of tension in the border village of Tukaraq.

One person was killed and two others injured in Burao town following protests against the fighting in Tukaraq. Witnesses said police opened live fire killing one person.