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President Farmaajo convenes Security Council meeting following Oct 14 attack

Storyline:National News
President Mohamed Farmaajo addressing the media during a joint conference with UN chief Antonio Guterres in March. Photo: courtesy

In the wake of a deadly terror attack which has claimed over 300 lives, President Mohamed Farmaajo has convened a security meeting with state leaders next week.

In a statement Sunday, Information Minister Abdirahman Osman said the president has sent invitation to the state leaders to discuss national security issues following the October 14 attack in the capital Mogadishu.

The meeting under the auspices of the National Security Council which is composed of the president and regional leaders will among others chart a common front in the expected military offensive against Al-Shabaab.

The meeting follows the postponement of a joint sitting of the Federal Parliament yesterday in which the president was supposed to address.

The invitation comes a day after the regional government leaders accused the Federal Government of a lack of commitment in dealing with security challenges facing the country.

In a statement Saturday, the leaders under the Cooperation Council umbrella formed last month said the federal government had diverted funds meant for the federal states ‘to confront the regional presidents with the ultimate goal to bring change to the regional authorities illegally thereafter eliminating the process of federalism.’

They also reiterated earlier warning against the federal government from interfering with the stability of the state governments citing Galmudug and South West states.

President Farmaajo is expected to implore upon the regional leaders to take a common position in the war against Al-Shabaab. The state governments have often complained of limited resources despite what they said as numerous security challenges facing them.

The meeting, Osman said is also expected to address challenges between the federal and state governments and building cooperation between the two levels of government. The constitutional review process, resources distribution and plans for the 2020 elections will also feature in the talks.

Speaking at the Jazeera military base Saturday, the president called on the soldiers to ready for a major offensive.