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President Farmaajo to formally open the Partnership Forum today

Storyline:National News

President Mohamed Farmaajo is today formally opening the ongoing Somali Partnership Forum which brings together Somali government and representatives from 50 countries to deliberate on the country’s recovery process.

According to the programme of activities, the head of state will present his keynote speech during which time he will be expected to lay out his government’s record since the last partnership forum held in Brussel in 2018.

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire will subsequently chair the remainder of the session where he will lead discussions on the economic reform, security and justice reform, inclusive politics and social development. The PM will also be reaffirming the partnership principles.

Today’s session will also feature remarks from Federal Member States though Puntland Jubbaland presidents will not be making any show. According to the programme, Jubbaland Finance Minister Abdirashid Jire will address the forum. The Federal Government has maintained ground it does not recognize the election of Ahmed Madobe.

Finance Minister Abdirahman Beileh will be unveiling this year’s Financial Governance report.

Meanwhile major roads in Mogadishu remain closed for the second day. The forum concludes today.