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 President Farmajo appoints commission for talks with Somaliland

Storyline:National News

President Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo has yesterday appointed a national commission for reconciliation dialogue with Somaliland.

The president has nominated Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail for the chair of the commission, while Mr Abdirahman Abdi Hussein (Guulwade) was appointed as the deputy chairperson, while other members of the Committee include:

  1. Dr Abdirahman Maalin Abdullahi (Baadiyow).
  2. Dr.Ali Sacid Fiqi.
  3. Gen Ahmed Jaama Muse.
  4. MP Ali Ahmed Jaama (Jangeli).

The commission was appointed to bring a long-term solution to the tension of our brothers in Somaliland and to assert the principles of the federal republic of Somalia which is based on co-operation, justice, unity and solidarity.

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