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President Farmajo Second Appeal to Alshabab fighters

Storyline:National News

The President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has appealed for the second time to Alshabab fighters to enter into talks with his administration.

The President sent a message to Alshabab fighters with information touching on the killings of civilian, destroying private properties and coming to the negotiation table with the government.

“I am sending a reconciliation of which we had mentioned some days passed on the group that two days ago murdered our children on a hotel where people break their fast. They don’t show mercy on women, the old and the young. We sent an olive branch to them to come for talks and lay down the arms. If you are fighting with the government, it was elected by the people. Don’t kill the people. Don’t destroy properties. We still stand on our position for reconciliation. I pray to Allah to restore the thoughts of this group and to be independent minded in order to abstain from working with foreigners” said the President.

Meanwhile President Farmajo said currently it is not the right for sustaining hostility on the Somali people but what they only need is peace and development.

The Federal government of Somalia has several occasions pleaded with Alshabab fighters to come to the negotiation table but these petitions were never considered by the intended group.

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