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President Farmajo signs 2019 financial government budget

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has today signed the financial government budget of 2019 after the lawmakers of the Federal Parliament have approved on Sunday.

The president praised the lawmakers of the Federal Parliament for approving the government’s budget of 2019.

Farmaajo has also praised the increase of budget the Federal Government of Somalia and urged the government to focus on accelerating the social services, enhancing employment opportunities of the youth and ensuring the safety of Somali citizens.

“The growth of the country’s revenue is testifying the fact that we are actively fighting with the corruption, so we have to make clear changes in the social services, security and economic infrastructure so that our people have a better life.” Said president Farmajo

The President has also indicated out that the budget reflects the collective efforts of the Somali people and the Government of Somalia to restore the sovereignty of their country.

The Lower House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia has last Sunday approved a $340 million budget for the financial year 2019.

The Federal MPs unanimously voted in favour of the new budget submitted by the Ministry of the Finance, giving the Federal Government a go-ahead to continue its operations.

The cabinet has also last October approved a $340 million budget for the financial year 2019, the largest in recent years tripling the 2013 budget which stood at $114 million.

The budget which is also an increase of $70 million from last years $274 will see its financing drawn from the domestic market.

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