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President Farmajo welcomes the lift of Eritrea sanctions

Storyline:National News

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of Somalia has welcomed the decision of the UN Security Council for lifting the sanctions against Eritrea.

The president said that the arms embargo on Eritrea comes with a unity effort made by the Horn African countries and he thanked the United Nations Security Council for accepting their decision.

“I welcome the lift of weapons and other targets of the sanctions on the Eritrean, and we also thank the Security Council of the United Nations for their effective efforts and really accepting the quick transformation of Horn of Africa in making development cooperation,” said President Farmajo.

This comes as Eritrea is contributing to enhance peace and cooperation and making a historic agreement with the neighbouring countries of Somalia and Ethiopia.

The move by the United Nations Security Council is taking root out of Eritrea’s imposition of the arms embargo, suspends the financial limits and the immigration ban.

On 6 September 2018, the three countries signed the Joint Declaration on Friendship and Comprehensive Cooperation following a summit held in Asmara between the leaders of the three countries.

Mogadishu to host the next tripartite meeting between the leaders of Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, President Farmajo tells media as he didn’t specify when the meeting will take place.

Farmajo says the leaders will try to expand participation, and will work to invite Djibouti.

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