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President Gaas appoints new director to lead Puntland TV and Radio

Storyline:National News
Agaasimaha Puntland TV
Abdifatah Askir, newly appointed Puntland TV and Radio director

Puntland president Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas on a decree appointed a new director to lead Puntland TV and Radio.

Abdifatah Noor Ashkir was appointed to replace the former director Ahmed Mohamed Ali alias Ahmed Kismayo who was sacked on Tuesday.

The new director is known for publishing articles in Arabic language which are normally posted in Al-Jazeera’s Arabic Website.

Ashkir worked with Tadamun social society organization and Golis Telecommunication company.

Journalists in Puntland hailed the appointment of Mr Ashkir as the new director of Puntland TV and Radio, which has now on air for the second year.