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President Hassan address United Nations general assembly

Storyline:National News

Hassan-- UN General assemblyThe president of federal republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has addressed the United Nations general assembly on Friday, he highlighted key issues including governance structures, public finance management, strengthening Somalia’s relationship with neibouring countries and the fight against Al-shabab.

Somali president said the federal government forces getting helping from African Union peace-keeping troops has taken over many stronghold areas from Al-shabab adding his government is committed to prevent extremist ideology and curb insecurity.
“Somalia must be strengthened to prevent the African continent from again being invaded by violent extremists, who target innocent civilians, spreading their ideology of death,” President Hassan said.

“ More than seventy percent of South and Central regions of Somalia has seized from Al-shabab and restored to the control of federal government” he added.

In connection with the humanitarian crises that has affected many people in all the regions of the country president Hassan called the international community.

“ About 3.2 million Somalis need life saving and livelihood assistance right now” Somali president said.

“Rising food prices, increasing malnutrition, drought and insecurity is worsening the humanitarian situation in Somalia but not similar but to the horrific famine of 2011.

President Hassan stated that Somalia is moving the right path of peace, integration and collaboration despite challenges that his government has overcome and left behind lawlessness and disagreement brought by distorted ideologies.

“ Despite challenges Somalia is moving along the road of integration, inclusivity and peace leaving behind disorder and discord brought by bad ideologies” president Hassan said.