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President Hassan declares his candidacy in 2016 presidential elections

Storyline:National News

The President of the federal government of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who completed the first half of his four years term in office declared that he will run for the 2016 presidential elections.

Speaking at an event orginised by Heritage Institute for Policy Studies in villa Somalia on Thursday night the president announced his candidacy in the coming 2016 elections for a second term.

“In 2016 there will be presidential elections which every Somali citizen has the right to run as a candidate for the country’s presidential post and I declare that I as a Somali citizen have the right t run as   candidate.” President Mohamud.

“I will be a candidate for the upcoming elections in 2016.”the president added.

President Mohamud noted that if he loses in the upcoming elections he is ready and will be convinced to contribute his experiences to any new president for Somalia on 2016.

Recent speculations showed that President Mohamud was attempting to start his election campaign within the next year in a bid to gain public support but the main confusion is which in of elections will be adopted as the security on the ground seems that it would be impossible for one man for one vote which is what many Somalis would wish to see.

On the other hand, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud dismissd rumors that AMISOM troops will withdraw by 2016, saying that there is no agreement on an exit timetable. “Their exit depends on how we prepare ourselves”. He added.

Asked about why Somalia is suing Kenya, he Said, Kenya is violating territorial waters of Somalia by putting a claim on 150k sq km of our waters.

During the Thursday night forum, representatives from all folks of the Somali society were invited as the president answered dozens of questions they asked, where the president strongly praised his leadership and achievements made during the past 2 years.