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President Hassan meets Ban Ki Moon in New York

Storyline:National News

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-Moon jointly opened meeting on Somalia in New York.

The meeting was attended by the chairperson of African Union, representative from world bank and other official international community.

President Hassan presented the achievement of his government in the meeting saying that his government’s policy is based on consultation with all people to be involved in decision making towards their future and determination.

Similarly, president Hassan said Somali national army and African Union peace-keeping troops have pushed Al-shabab out of many areas in South and Central Somalia.

He also stated that there are many reconciliation conferences meant to solves the differences between Somali clans.

Finally he said that the federal government is committed to hold fair and free elections in the country 2016.
UN Secretary general Ban Ki-Moon, who attended the meeting welcomed the political development of the country and encouraged the government to double its efforts.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of federal government of Somalia Mr. Beilah speaking to the media said wide range issues of great importance including the achievements of the government the past year were discussed during the meeting