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President Hassan officially opens the fifth parliamentary session

Storyline:National News


The president of the republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has officially opened the fifth session of the federal parliament today.

The opening ceremony of the federal parliament was attended by the acting prime minister, the head of supreme court, ministers, members of parliament and other dignitaries.

The speaker of federal parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari briefly addressing the members explained the achievement of the federal parliament the last four sessions adding that the fifth session will be different from the previous sessions underling many bills in the fields of federalism, justice and security awaiting the approval of the parliament.

Mr. Jawari sending warning to the members of federal parliament who did not turn up during the opening of the fifth parliamentary session said non-attendance will not be tolerated, he urged the standing parliamentary committees to double their efforts.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamed has presented the achievement of the government including the decision of Somalia to sue Kenya over maritime dispute, the military offensive against Al-shabab and building government institutions.

Somali president urged the government and the federal parliament to fully collaborate so as to boost public interest and unite for and defeat what he described as enemies.