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President Hassan: Operation Indian Ocean is going to start within the next few days

Storyline:National News

Hassan in Washigton DCSomalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud told Reuters on Tuesday he expected a new military drive by African Union and Somali forces to start in the next few days to push Al- Shabab from more territory.

Al Shabab ruled most of the Southern region of Somalia from 2006 until 2011 when African forces drove them out of Mogadishu and then pushed them out of more areas in South and Central Somalia.

President Hassan said the government is committed to reduce the powers of Al-shabab as the joint operations will focus on the remaining areas under the group.

“Operation Indian Ocean is going to start within the next few days,” president Hassan.

“We have all the measures in place to make sure that Operation Indian Ocean will definitely succeed.” He added.

He dismissed al-shabab’s assassinations and wave of attacks adding that the group’s power was squeezed by government forces and African union peace-keeping troops.

“This is a sign of weakness,” Mohamud said. “The geographic area of al Shabaab has (shrunken) and now they are changing their tactics.”

The diplomatic ties between Somalia and United states improved as the first Somali ambassador to US since civil started officially took office, on the other hand US confirmed it will soon appoint its ambassador to Somalia.