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President Hassan rebuffs cabinet reshuffle

Storyline:National News

After Saturday’s reshuffle of Somali cabinet by prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed federal republic president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud rebuffed the reshuffle by releasing a press statement.

He dismissed the appointment of the ministers and senior government officials without consultation.

He condemned PM Abdiweli of taking decisions without consultation, he underline the importance of the leaders to fully abide by the provisional constitution of the country so as to tackle the tasks ahead.

In his statement president Hassan noted that PM Abdiweli has severally taken decisions that directly violates the constitution adding that he has shown compromise for the general interest and avoid confrontations and further delay of federal government’s activities.

“I, considering the national interests, several times compromised over impolite steps taken, that are against the power of the president, the government, and the constitution. I can mention some of them below” the statement said.

Therefore, Considering at this critical time, and adhering to the rule of law, I have ordered.

1. The verdict termed cabinet reshuffle that was issued from the office of the prime minister in 25th October 2014 is not a genuine.

2. Ministers to continue discharging duties of their respective positions and not to be influenced by the statement from the office of Prime Minister.

3. Security forces to step up and continue the current ongoing operations.

4. The government’s officials and civil servants to continue their normal duties.