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Somali President meets with the rector Of Al-Azhar In Cairo.

Storyline:National News

The president of the republic of  Somalia Hassan Sheik Mohamud met with the rector Al-Azhar University Ahmed Al-Tayib in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. The two leaders discussed wide range issues.

The rector of Al-Azhar underlined that they are always ready to assist Somalia in the fields of  education,medicine, sheria among others.

President Hassan stated that Al-Azhar was etched in golden page of Somali history and Somali people keep in mind the lecturers, clerics, Imams who used to work in the country.

The president added that if Al-Azhar comes back to its former position in Somalia, it would elucidate all those matters related to the religion which have been existing for the last 25 years in the country.

The vicar called upon Somali people to work towards unity of the country and restoration of law and order in  their nation.

The delegates who spoke at the meeting include ministers for justice and higher education.