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President Hassan visits Military baracks in Kismayo for integration purpose

Storyline:National News

Somali president Hassan Sheik Mohamud and a delegation of military generals have visited military barracks in Kismayo for the sole purpose of Somali National Army integration programme that would likely result Jubbaland forces to be nationalized.

The Mohamud has also toured army barracks outside the city, which are also front line defenses against Alshabab attacks.

“our first priority is to integrate the army and build strong national army, this training and the pledge you made today has sealed your place in the national army, remember you are not tribal militia, you are the sons of this nation” said the president.

Under the army integration process, Jubbaland would contribute some 3 thousand soldiers, as do by Puntland and other regional states, and these would be incorporated in to the already existing National Army which is mainly based in the federal government controlled areas.