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President Mohamoud praises seizure of Somalia bound weapons by French naval force

Storyline:National News, Security

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has commended the seizure of weapons allegedly destined to Somalia by French naval force in the Indian Ocean waters Monday.

President Mohamoud said the seizure was critical in averting further instability and insecurity in Somalia. He also lauded the Australian forces who seized another shipment three weeks ago also destined for Somalia.

“It is good news the French forces captured the boat carrying weapons which were to enter Somalia illegally. It is no doubt that the shipment was heading to the wrong doers. We also hail Australian navy forces that previously seized boatload weapons heading to Somalia.

The president said the operation was in line with the Security Council Resolution 2244 (2015) which extended the arms embargo to Somalia for the purposes of stability not only in the country but also in the region. “The action is exemplary, and we expect other countries will follow suit,” said Mohamoud.

French Naval forces patrolling the Indian Ocean waters reported Tuesday to have captured a dhow loaded with several hundred machine guns, anti-tank weapons and AK47 assault rifles.

The seizure comes barely three weeks after an Australian naval ship intercepted another cache of arms which included 1,989 AK-47 assault rifles and 100 rocket-propelled grenades.

The president called on the international community to continue the operations to ensure illegal weapons are not transported to Somalia. This, the president said would be instrumental in enhancing his government’s efforts for peace and stability and eradication of terror groups.