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President Mohamud Hails Defense, Economic Cooperation Deal with Turkey

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: Federal Republic of Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has hailed the Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement with Turkey but emphasized that the deal is not against Ethiopia any other nation.

The federal parliament of Somalia overwhelmingly endorsed the Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement with Turkey, with 213 votes in favor.

The agreement, which encompasses maritime security and trade issues, was initially approved by the cabinet earlier in the day.

While addressing a joint sitting of the two houses, President Mohamud underscored the importance of the agreement in strengthening bilateral ties and promoting mutual cooperation between Somalia and Turkey.

“The agreement is not intended to incite conflict or provoke hostilities against Ethiopia or any other nation. Instead. It seeks to enhance security collaboration, foster economic development, and bolster trade relations between Somalia and Turkey,” the president stated.

He further stated that the deal represents a significant step towards advancing Somalia’s strategic interests and addressing key challenges facing the nation.