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President Mohamud Highlights Government’s Achievements in Fighting Terror at Oslo Forum

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | OSLO: Federal government of Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has said his government has made tremendous progress in its offensive against the Al-shabaab militants.

While dressing the Oslo Forum 2024, which brought together leaders, conflict mediators, and other actors under the theme of “Mediation against all odds”, the president stated that his government was pursuing all possible efforts in its bid to restore stability in Somalia.

He noted that his government’s efforts include initiating political engagements and providing amnesty to members who denounce the extremist ideology. He further emphasized that “the terrorist’s global agenda complicates these efforts”.

President Mohamud also highlighted the Somali Government’s historical struggle with the constant threat of international terrorism and the recent multi-pronged offensive, which yielded significant gains and resulted in the liberation of large territories.

The President also commented on Ethiopia’s recent illegal actions against Somalia’s territorial integrity- which violate international norms- continue to undermine regional stability and the war on terror