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President Mohamud on Meet-the-People Tour in Mogadishu in Show of Improved Security and Stability

Storyline:10th President

GOOBJOOG NEWS|MOGADISHU: President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud visited various parts of the capital, Mogadishu, Monday night in a show of public confidence in the improved security situation of the city.

The president made several stop-overs where he interacted with members of the public and traders. Among the places the president visited is Jubba Hyper Market where he had coffee and interacted with several people, and even took selfies.

The President’s tour of the city is one of the rarest incidences and affirms the improved state of security in the city. In the past, senior government officials could hardly make such public tours for fear of attacks.

However, security in Mogadishu has significantly improved. This has seen an influx of Somalis from abroad and those at home establishing various businesses, drastically changing the outlook of the city.

The government has deployed a dedicated security unit in Mogadishu, resulting in a remarkable decline in security incidents, allowing businesses to operate late into the night and enabling ease of movement for residents.