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President Mohamud Says Arms Embargo End is a Freedom for Somalia

Storyline:10th President

GOOBJOOG NEWS|MOGADISHU: President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has welcomed the lifting of the arms embargo terming it a ‘freedom’ for Somalia to acquire weapons it desires to build its security forces and bolster the war against terrorism.

Speaking shortly after the UN Security Council unanimously voted to lift the 32-year-long embargo, President Mohamud said the UN vote also presented opportunities for foreign countries to lend their support to Somalia without restriction.

“I want to announce to the Somali people in the 32nd year that there is no arms embargo. Today I want to tell the Somali people that all arms embargoes have been lifted,” the president said.

He added, “Our country today is free as much as we can afford the weapons we want to buy, and we buy them from around the world.’

The President noted that the government had put in place sufficient measures to ensure weapons do not fall into the wrong hands adding that parliament had passed the requisite laws to tighten arms pilferage.

Separately, the Federal Government welcomed the lifting of the arms embargo, echoing the President’s remarks.

“The lifting of the arms embargo is a testament to the collective efforts and unwavering commitment of the international community to support Somalia in its pursuit of lasting peace,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. “This crucial development will significantly bolster the capabilities of the Somali National Army, enabling it to acquire the required equipment necessary to effectively combat terrorist threats and eradicate them from our country.”

The statement further noted that the end of the embargo marked a ‘pivotal moment in Somalia’s journey towards enhanced national security and stability.’