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President Mohamud to Address Italy-Africa Summit on Country’s Progress and Investment Opportunities

Storyline:10th President

GOOBJOOG NEWS|ROME: President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is joining several African leaders in attending the Italy-Africa Summit which formally kicks off today in Rome.

The President and his delegation arrived in Rome Sunday ahead of today’s summit which is expected to be attended by over 20 African leaders.

Sources indicate that the summit is aimed at bolstering relations between Italy and African countries, especially in investments in green energy, and curbing immigration among other economic development initiatives.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni told journalists the summit focus on building strategic relations with Africa.

“What needs to be done in Africa is to defend the right not to have to emigrate … and this is done with investments and a strategy,” she said, promising that Africa would be a priority for Italy during its current presidency of the Group of Seven.

Somali President will be presenting his country’s strategic development trajectory, the fight against terrorism and investment opportunities.