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President Mohamud Unveils New Military Commands

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: Federal government of Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Friday enacted a Presidential Decree establishing new commands within the military structure.

The move which followed recommendations of Somalia’s Minister of Defense marks a major step to enhance the capacity of the national armed forces including the SNA Special Forces Command, SNA Training Command, SNA Reconnaissance & Intelligence Command, and SNA General Support Command.

Under the new command, Brigadier General Ahmed Abdullahi Sheikh takes the helm of the Special Forces Command, bringing with him a wealth of tactical expertise while Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Ise Ahmed is set to lead the Training Command, a role critical for the development and preparedness of the troops. 

The command of the Reconnaissance & Intelligence Command, a position essential for the strategic planning and execution of military operations has been assigned to Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Abdullahi Nur Beeryare.

Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamud was appointed to oversee the General Support Command SNA, ensuring logistical and operational support across the army.

President Mohamud called upon the newly appointed commanders to intensify efforts in the ongoing war on terror, emphasizing the significant responsibility that rests on the shoulders of every Somali citizen, both civilian and military, in the collective endeavor to free the nation from the clutches of terror.

The appointments mark a significant step in the ongoing efforts to strengthen Somalia’s defense capabilities and assert its sovereignty in the face of security challenges.