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President Mohamud urges Parliament to endorse 2016 electoral modalities as UNSC meets country’s leadership

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has called on Parliament to endorse the electoral modalities to clear the way for the 2016 elections.

President Mohamud said time was running and implored upon parliament to take up the challenge and expedite the process noting that most of the issues in the proposals had already been agreed on.

“We have heard what the people said and it is time we made bold decisions. The fate of this nation is before us and we must act now,” the president said.

In reference to concerns earlier raised by parliament such as the decision to lock out Banaadir from Upper House in the July polls, the president said they had agreed with the select committee and the leadership of parliament to amicably iron them out without interfering with the proposals as earlier passed.

Hundred of Mogadishu residents had earlier demonstrated in Mogadishu demanding for inclusion in the election of the Upper House slated for July. Banaadir governor Yusuf Jima’ale questioned the wisdom the National Leadership Forum deployed to deny close to two million people representation in parliament.

But the president said some of these issues will only have effect on the 2016 polls and from there henceforth we will operate under a different arrangement.

In a veiled reference to the UN Security Council which is currently in the country, the president told parliament failure to pass a verdict on the electoral process will expose the country to external influence.

“We do not want to blame others but if we fail to govern ourselves, they will dictate and govern us and you know this has happened before,” he observed.

The president’s call comes a week after the international community said it was deeply concerned by the protracted process in parliament urging the House to swiftly adopt the modalities.

The UN Security Council is also expected to take up the issue with the country’s leadership today in line with its earlier position that it was not going to entertain any extension.