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President Mohamud Urges Somali Businessmen to Comply with Laws of Host Nations

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | NAIROBI: Federal republic of Somalia president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has called upon Somali businessmen to comply with laws of countries they operate in.

The president made the remarks when he visited the Somali Business community’s market in Eastleigh estate at the outskirts of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi Wednesday evening.

Nairobi’s Eastleigh neighborhood hosts one of the largest ethnic Somali communities outside Somalia who operate a vibrant market for various goods that serves most of the Kenyan population.

The president is in Kenya, leading a Somali delegation that attended the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) 2024 Annual Meetings, which focus on restructuring Africa’s financial systems.

During the meeting, president Mohamud emphasized the need for joint global solutions to tackle climate change during a Presidential Dialogue on “Africa’s Transformation, African Development Bank Group, and Reform of the Global Financial Architecture.”

He also underscored Somalia’s progress despite facing significant security and climate challenges and highlighted the nation’s success in transforming its financial institutions, leading to debt relief and increased domestic revenue growth.

The President also detailed Somalia’s efforts to combat severe climate-induced adversities, such as droughts and recurrent floods, showcasing the government’s commitment to overcoming these challenges and promoting sustainable development.