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President Praised Newly Appointed PM For Fostering Good Diplomatic Relationship Between Somalia and USA

Storyline:National News

Cumar CabdirishiidWhile speaking at a nomination ceremony in the presidency, President of Somalia Hon. Hassan Sheik Mohamed has today praised the newly appointed Prime Minister Abdirishid Ali Sharma’arke for fostering good relationship between Somalia and United States.

“You all know who is Ambassidour Omar Abdirishid , he is the latest ambassador of Somalia to Washington, USA, since 1991 there was no diplomatic relationship between Somalia and USA, and Ambassidour Omar helped to open our embassy in Washington and foster our relationship with USA” he said

While speaking about the nomination, the president insisted that it was his personal decision to name Omar as the Prime Minister as stipulated in the constitution and with advice from Somalia and foreign friends.

Some of the things the president expects the Prime Minister to achieve include elections in 2016, strengthening the intelligence service and to integrate the army.

He urged the Prime Minister to have a good working relationship with the regional administrations.

The new Prime Minister Omar Abdirishid who spoke in the ceremony promised to for an inclusive cabinet with the consultation of the president, he also pledged to achieve anticipated goals towards 2016.

He requested the parliament to work with him to facilitate to achieve his goals.

Omar would state his plan of action at a later stage.

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