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President urges government organs to do more in a ‘fiery’ speech

Storyline:National News

President Hassan Sheik Mohamud has urged the parliament and the cabinet to do more to execute their mandate.

He particularly urged the cabinet to speed up service delivery and bring about accountability “All of us have responsibilities to serve to this nation, I call upon the parliament to speed up passing of the crucial bills, this includes the Anti Graft Bill, Investment Bill and Telecommunication Bill, and all these are basis of strong government “said the president.

On the cabinet the president said “I Would like to direct the Financial Management Committee to do more, and they must be given support for their work to review the contracts in accordance with the laws of the country, any contract that doesn’t meet the law should be scrapped”.

So far there are 12 deals with foreign companies by Somali government; including the corruption implicated UK based SOMA Oil, none of these contracts were brought to the parliament.

The president also commented on the justice factor in the country and said that the constitutional court and the Judicial Service Commission should be formed immediately.

His comments come at a time when MPs are pressing ahead with impeachment motion in the parliament against the president who they accuse of violating the constitution and engaging in corrupt activities.

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