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President welcomes parliament’s approval of new cabinet

Storyline:National News

The President, HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today confirmed his support for the Council of Ministers, as nominated by the Prime Minister and approved by the Federal Parliament.
“I welcome the Prime Minister’s nomination and the Parliament’s approval of the new Council of Ministers.
“I am delighted that despite some significant difficulties over the past few weeks, overall momentum has not been lost, and that government activities have continued. Several important and urgent issues have been resolved, including the formation of the Boundaries and Federalism Commission, the hosting of the IGAD Executive Meeting, and the meeting of regional leaders in Mogadishu last week to discuss progress against Vision 2016 and the New Deal Compact. Several high value Al-Shabaab leaders have defected, along with hundreds of foot soldiers, and humanitarian assistance and stabilization activities have continued’.
“The past two years have seen much ‘behind the scenes’ work to create a functioning government; now that government must bring changes to the lives of Somalis across Somalia, delivering services that make people’s lives better.
“The Prime Minister and his Council of Ministers must now act quickly to bring a swift conclusion to various initiatives that have been talked about for a long time: the political party law must be passed, and public consultations on the revision of the Constitution, state formation and national election mechanisms must begin now. Ministers and ministries must get down to business, delivering substantial improvements to the daily life of all Somalis. The time for talking is over, the time for doing is here.”