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Presidential Election Committee elects chairman and vice-chairman

GOOBJOOG NEWS|MOGADISHU: The Joint Committee for the Election of the President of the Somali Republic has today elected a new Chairman and Vice-Chairman following a by-election in Mogadishu.

Senator Abdiqani Guelleh Mohamed had been elected as the chairman of the Presidential Election Committee after he received 10 votes, defeating MP Mohamed Ahmed Bereey who received 5 votes and Senator Abdi Ismail Samatar who received 2 votes.

MP Mohamed Kerow Mohamed was elected to the post of deputy chairman after he received 9 votes, defeating MP Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu by 2 votes.

The Presidential Election Committee composed of 17 members is expected to issue a timetable for the upcoming 10th presidential election in the Somali Republic, as campaigns by various presidential candidates intensify in Mogadishu.