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Press release: AMISOM to release updates on the situation around the country

Storyline:National News

Ali Humud-- AMISOMAMISOM Spokesperson Col. Ali Aden Houmed held a press briefing today to update the media on the situation around the country. He also got to answer questions raised by journalists. Here is the summary of what he had to say.

The situation around the country remains fairly calm. Regrettably last week, there was the attack in Villa Somalia, the quick reaction force comprised of both Somali security forces and AMISOM quickly responded and calmed the situation. During the attack five al Shabaab fighters were killed.

AMISOM continues to work closely with the Somali Security Forces in the on-going security stabilization operations in the country to ensure the safety of the civilians especially during this holy month of Ramadhan as Al Shabaab militant group have threatened the security of the country.

We remain committed to defeating Al-Shabaab during the course of this year and call upon the Somali people to play a part in this process. Ultimately, sustainable peace in Somalia will be a product of the collective will of the Somali people.

As you are aware, Ambassador Annadif resigned, AU has appointed a new SRCC Dr. Maman Sidikou from Niger and he will soon be deploying to Somalia.

The situation remains calm but we have noted with concern the isolated cases of assassinations within Mogadishu. This is a desperate attempt to divert attention from the heavy losses Al Shabaab have incurred in the battle field. We want to ensure Somali people that security is our top priority.

AMISOM and Somali security forces have intercepted a car loaded with explosives yesterday at KM 4 and the owner has been arrested.

Federal government forces backed by AMISOM both Miliary and police have launched security crackdown in some districts of Banadir region. The security operations are actively going on in Waaberi, Hodan among other districts.

Somali Security forces backed by AMISOM continue to engage closely in the Joint Operations Center in an on-going effort to enhance the general security in the capital, this will help to monitor and respond to security matters in various parts of the country.

The situation in Kismayo and Dhobley remains calms with no major incident. There have been probing attacks against the AMISOM defense but the forces continue to conduct patrols around the town in a bid to ensure civilians are protected.

Last week, IJA forces supported by AMISOM conducted a military operation in depth at an Al-Shabaab camp in Busc Busc located 115 kilometers south west of Kismayo town. The camp was used as a hide out for Al-Shabaab to conduct Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and ambush attacks against civilians.

The security situation in the sector remains calm with no major incidence in the sector.


The Federal Government supported by AMISOM recently provided humanitarian aid to residents of Wajiid and Xudur following the liberation of the towns from the hands of Al Shabaab. The forces escorted over 10 trucks of Humanitarian aid to be delivered to the population of Xudur and Wajid.

Two days ago, Al Shabaab attacked SNA position in Gabarhaney in Bakool region, the forces quickly repulsed the attack and a number of Al Shabaab were arrested.

The situation in Beledweyne and its environs remains calm with no major incidents happening.

The last few days there have been clan militias fighting in parts of Deefow village in North Beledwyne, the infightings have seen 11 people killed. The Local administration and AMISOM forces in the region have begun the mediation between the two clans and continue to call for peace to prevail in the region.

There has been an increase in isolated attacks in parts of Jowhar. AMISOM forces together with the local administration had to impose curfew in a bid to ensure security prevails.

This followed after a wave of insecurity incidents in the town including killings and explosions in which some of the leaders in the authorities were targeted.

Political situation

We are confident in the ongoing political process. Our mandate is to ensure a safe and secure environment for the government and the people to conduct their business. We support the federal government in its endeavors to initiate key reforms to ensure we have elections in 2016.

We are encouraged by the consensus building efforts and dialogue amongst the political actors. AMISOM with the rest of the international community have lent our support to the Government. It is our belief that ultimately it is up to the people of Somalia to decide their political future.