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Price of fish in Mogadishu markets increases due to low supply

Storyline:National News

The prices of fish in Mogadishu markets has gone up above normal due to rough and high seas that prevents the fishermen at the coast to fish easily.

Ali Mohamed Bandhari a fish seller in Mogadishu fish market told Goobjoog reporter who visited the market that the increase in the prices of fish is attributed to strong winds and worsening level of the sea.

“The number of fishing boats going out for fish has drastically reduced hence decreases in the number of fish in the market” Bandhari said.

“The prices of the little available fish in the market doubled due to the high demand by the consumers” He added.

Our reporter says large numbers of customers are seen in long queues at the fish market to get fish.

Some of the customers in the market told Goobjoog FM that they will opt for meat as a substitute for fish.

“When supply decreases the demand increases therefore we need opt another source so that we fill the gap of the demand” said Muno Bakari, a customer.

The consumption of fish has been becoming more popular with the locals in Somalia’s capital city, Mogadishu in recent years.