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Prime minister Omar Abdirashid announced some of his cabinet members

Storyline:National News







The prime minister of Somalia Omar Abdirashid Ali sharma’arke has lastily appointed his cabinet consisting of new individuals.

They have been listed as follows
1- Mohamed Omar Arte,  deputy prime minister and Minister for Youth and Sports
2- Ahmed Hassan Gabobe, Minister for justice and religious affairs
3- Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein aka Odawaa,  Minister for interior and federalis mminister
4- Mohamed Aden Ibrahim “Fargeti”, Minister for finance
5- Abdulkadir Sheikh Ali Dini,  Minister for defense
6- Abdisalan Hadliye Omar,  Minister for foreign affairs
7- Khadra Basher Ali , Minister for Education
8- Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir,  Minister for Ports and Marine Transport
9- Abdirahman Yusuf Ali Eynte,  Minister for Planning and International Cooperation
10- Nor Farah Hirsi , Minister for Constitutional Affairs
11- Guleid Hussein Khasim , Minister for Information
12- Ali Ahmed Jama “Jangeli”,  Minister for transport
13- Saed Hussein Iid , Minister for veterinary and grazing
14- Ali Hassan Osman minister, for agriculture
15- Hassan Ahmed Mudey,  Minister of Commerce and Industry
16- Salah Sheikh Osman Muse,  Minister for public works and reconstruction
17- Sahra Mohamed Ali Samatar,  Minister for women and family affairs
18- Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim, Minister for fishing and sea resources
19-Abdirisak Omar Mohamed, Minister for Petroleum, natural resources
20- Hawo Hassan Mohamed,  Minister for Health