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Prime minister Omar announced his cabinet

Storyline:National News

The prime minister of Somalia Omar Abdirashid Ali sharma’arke has lastily appointed his cabinet including some of former ministers of Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed’s government and the list is as follows

1. Deputy prime minister Mohamed Omar Arte


2. Minister for justice Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir

3. Minister for Religious Affairs Ahmadey Sheikh Mukhtar

4. Minister for interior minister Abdikariin Hussein Guleed

5. Minister for finance Hussein Abdi Xalane

6. Minister for defense Mohamed sheikh Mohamud Hamud

7. Minister for foreign affairs Abdirahman Duaale Beyle

8. Minister for national security Abdullahi Mohamed Ali

9.Minister for Education Abdullahi Ahmed Jamaa (Ilkajiir)

10 .Minister for Ports and Marine Transport Yusuf Moalim Aamiin

11.Minister for Planning and International Cooperation Mohamud Ali Magan

12.Minister for Constitutional Affairs Abdikadir AbdiHaashi (Gabane)

13.Minister for electricity and Water Resources Mohamed Abdi Hayir

14.Minister for Information Mustaf Sheikh Ali Dhuxulow

15.Minister for transport Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail

16.Minister for Labor and social affairs Mohamed Omar Eymoy

17.Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Abdullahi Boos Ahmed

18.minister for agriculture Hussein Mohamed Sheikh ( Badni)

19.Minister for Youth and Sports Duaale Aden Mohamed

20.Minister of Commerce  and Industry Abdirahman Abdi Osman

21.Minister for public works and the reconstruction Nadiifo Mohamed Osman

22.Minister for women and family affairs Khadija Mohamed Diiriye

23 .Minister for fishing and sea resources Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim

24.Minister for Petroleum and Energy Dauud Mohamed Omar

25.Minister for veterinary and grazing Abuukar Abdi osman (Mardaadi)

26 .Minister for Health Saiid Hussein Iid

State ministers for :

Security  Abdullahi Yussuf Alankay

Presidential palace Mohamud Hayir Ibrahim

Interior  Khalid Ali Omar

Foreign affairs  Mohamed Adan (Fargeti)

Trade  Mohamed Ali Hagaa

Finance Abdullahi Mohamed Noor

Constitutional affairs  Hassan Mohamed Jim’aale

Parliamentary relations Aadil Sheegow Sagaar

Deputy ministers

1. Deputy minister for justice  Abdullahi Bile Noor

2. Deputy minister for Religious Affairs Abdirahman Kulmiye Hirsi

3. Deputy  interior minister Saiid Haji Mohamud

4.Deputy minister for finance Fahma Ahmed Noor

5.Deputy minister for defense Abdalla Hussen Ali

6. Deputy minister for foreign affeirs Mahad Mohamed Salad

7. Deputy minister for security Ibrahim Yarow Isaq

8. Deputy minister for Education Hamud Ali Hassan

9.Deputy minister for Ports and Marine Transport Yussuf Hayle Jim’aale

10.Deputy minister for Planning andInternational Cooperation Shariif Mohamed Hassan

10. Deputy minister of Constitutional Affairs Haji Ali Sheikh Mohamed Noor

12.Deputy minister for electricity and Water Resources Mohamed KHeyrow Mohamed

13.Deputy minister for Information Abdulahi Olaad Rooble

14.Deputy minister for transport Hirsi Adan Rooble

15.Deputy minister for Labour and social affairs Mohamed Omar Geedi

16.Deputy minister for Posts and Telecommunications Abdishakur Ali Mire

17.Deputy minister for agriculture Abdirashid Mohamed Hiddig

18. Deputy minister for Youth and Sports Jamaal Hassan ismaiil

19. Deputy minister for Commerce  and Industry Sa’adiya Araay Isse

20. Deputy minister for public works and the reconstruction Osman Libaah Ibrahim

21. Deputy minister for women and family affairs Mumina Shekh

22 . Deputy minister for fishing and sea resources Saiid Jama’a Mohamed Qaalib

23. Deputy minister for minerals and Petroleum  Mohamed Ahm,ed Abtidoon

24. Deputy Minister for veterinary and grazing Abdirihim Ihe Guleed

25. Deputy minister for Health Dr. Osman Mohamud Dufle


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