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Pro motion MPs vow to bring the no confidence motion back to the parliament

Storyline:National News

The members of federal parliament in support of the proposed no confidence motion against Somali Prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed met in Mogadishu on Tuesday.

The MPs oppose a statement PM Abdiweli issued on Monday that the no confidence motion tabled to the parliament which no relation to the performance of his government. Rather it is based on disapproval of the President because of the transfer of a minister (a close ally to him) to another portfolio.

Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheih Ahmed said the country’s Presidency was backing the current motion of no confidence in the parliament which led the parliament sessions to be suspended

One of the MPs said 30 lawmakers from the camp of Somali prime minister cannot obstruct the will of 184 MPs.

Pro motion MPs underlined that they will not change their minds on the issue and will the motion back to the parliament once more.

They called the speaker of federal parliament to held accountable the handful notorious MPs and act as per the internal rules of the parliament.

This comes after federal parliament Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari has announced the postponement of all Parliament sessions due to the current political in-fight within the country’s leaders over a motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister which promoted federal parliament’s  division.