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Prof. Herrow: Federal government unfairly supports the administration of South west Somalia

Storyline:National News

Somali intellectuals blamed the federal government of Somalia for unjustly giving support to the newly established administration of South West Somalia  led by the former speaker of transitional federal parliament of Somalia Sharif Hassan Sheikh adan.

Prof. Ibrahim Muse Herrow speaking to Goobjoog FM said the federal government was expected to take part the formation of inclusive administration for the people in the region but sided one administration against the will of the locals.

Mr. Herrow stated the situation in Baidoa is still in mess due to politicians with self interest in the expense of general interest of the people.

He reiterated that the leadership of Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, the elect president of South West Somalia has no full confidence of the people in the region.

Sharif Hassan was declared the president of South west Somalia on 17th November in a well contested election in Baidoa.

His election came a time when the top leaders of Somalia stopped the state formation conference in Baidoa but the technical committee  and the delegates turned down the order.

Latter on speaker Jawari giving statement said any outcome of the conference will be  a violation against constitution and will not be recognized adding that the authority of creating regional administration rests within the powers of the federal government.

Days after the election of Sharif Hassan, Somali president Hassan Sheikh attending the high level forum on Somalia in Copenhagen welcomed and sent congratulations to the elect president followed by international community.

The prime minister of federal government has declined to give comment though one of his cabinet welcomed the move.