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Prof. Yahye Ali Farah “Galmudug Is the Most Legitimate State in Somalia”

Storyline:National News

???????????????????????????????A leading academician has hailed election of Galmudug State parliament speaker and his two deputies which took place yesterday in Adado as free and fair.

“We have 11 clans who came together to form a viable state, of course there would always be missteps and complains, but I can tell you that this is the best system possible in Somalia in the current political atmosphere” said Prof. Yahye Ali Farah who is also the rector of SIU university in Mogadishu.

He noted that there was no a strongman who steered things into his favor and all candidates had equal opportunity “This could be a model for the other upcoming states and should be based on the already formed interim administration when their time is up” he said.

When asked about the dilemma of Ahlu Sunna, the religious armed group who seised control of Dhusamareb town, the designated capital of Galmudug, the professor said that political solution should be the number one option.

“In Adado different political formations were in display fighting in the ballot box, though they don’t have known political parties, I can tell you political groups with different agendas has fought there, and this is what makes this state more promising” said Yahye without naming the political groups.

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