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Profile: Halimo Ismael Ibrahim, newly elected electoral chairwomen

The Indepenedent Electoral Commission has on Monday elected Halimo Ismael Ibrahim aka Halimo Yarey as the chairwomen for the high profile commission.

Here is her personal profile

Educational Background

Halimo Yarey is a graduate from Somali National University, majoring in agricultural science in 1981 where she then moved to Italy to advance her education. She enrolled University of Turino where she received a master in agricultural economics.

Halimoo Ismail Ibrahim also have community development certificate, trained to manage immigration crisis, minority and disadvantaged communities.

Work experience

She chaired technical committee for central regions formation conference which produced the current State of Galmudug.

Co-chaired Somali Federal Parliament selection commission in 2012- a highly sensitive job but finally produced the current Somali Federal Parliament

She is the former coordinator of CISP.

She worked at the community relations office in Minneapolis-Minnesota 2000-2007

Halimo facilitated or administrated big projects for many respected organizations and Institution.

She speaks, Somali, Italian and English.

On July 27, 2015: She was elected to chair Somali independent electorate Commission.

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