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Progress will continue, with a priority on Vision 2016, for the good of Somalia

Storyline:National News

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the ‘one Somalia’ delegation yesterday returned to Mogadishu after attending the High Level Partnership Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Reflecting on the two-day meeting which was called to affirm progress against the milestones set out in the New Deal Somali Compact, acknowledge challenges and discuss next steps together with Somalia’s international partners, the President commented, “I thank the Government of Denmark for hosting the HLPF Copenhagen, and the United Nations for co-chairing the Meeting. I am enormously energized by the discussions we have had. I thank the 59 delegations that travelled to Copenhagen to join us and reaffirm their commitment to the Somali Compact.

“We have much ahead of us. Political progress will continue, and pick up pace. There is still significant work remaining to complete key tasks and cement emerging activities.”

Over the next year, the Federal Government will prioritize tasks that are critical to ensuring a smooth and timely realization of political objectives outlined in Vision 2016: a revised and endorsed Constitution, a federal system, and democratic elections. Government and Parliament will focus in the coming months on ensuring no further delays to ensuring the establishment of the key institutions and processes to ensure the achievement of Vision 2016 and pave the way to long-term peace, stability and reconciliation.

Freeing the remainder of Somalia from terrorist and militant groups is critical, and ensuring that stabilization activities follow in close succession to liberation will be instrumental in connecting citizens to the government and enabling local governance initiatives take root in different corners of Somalia.

Development progress is essential to ensure that security and stabilization gains are translated into long-term, tangible benefits for Somalis, across Somalia.

The President acknowledged the contribution of AMISOM, which is working together with the Somali National Army to secure the peace of Somalia.

The President paid tribute to the friends of Somalia who gathered at the Meeting, expressing his gratitude for funding and technical support, and welcomed concern for Somalia’s future.

“Whilst we may sometimes differ on the small details, I think it is true to say that we all agree on the big issue that is at the heart of this meeting: that success in Somalia will be ultimately be measured by the impact on the life of Somali people.

“On behalf of Somalia, I reaffirm our choice of peace. We reaffirm that reconciliation- the path that we have chosen – will be won through dialogue, through inclusive politics, through clearly defined roles and responsibilities, through a commitment to timely delivery on priority activities, and through creating a shared vision of what Somalia can be in the future,” the President concluded.