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Progresses And Significant Tours made by Some of somali MPs During 75 Days of Leave

Storyline:National News

After the conclusion of the fifth session of Somali Federal Parliament, the MPs were dispatched to visit their constituencies to do oversee and discuss with people living in those areas.
During this time most of law-makers visited towns, remote areas and as well as the districts in the nationwide and they discussed and consulted with the locals on the problems facing their constituencies and made substantial reports.
Goobjoog has compiled the significant tours and progresses made by number of MPs and the areas they visited.
11th February 2015: The fifth session of Somali Federal Parliament concludes after working consecutive five months.
14th February 2015: speaker of federal parliament of Somalia underlines that there will be no extension term for the current government beyond 2016 when its term will come to an end.
February 23, 2015: The speaker of the federal parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman flies to Germany for medical check-up.
Mr Jawari is accompanied his deputy speaker Mahad Abdalle Awad and and other government officials.
February 27, 2015: some of federal MPs take meeting with Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali focusing on the issue of the formation of Somali central State.
March 4, 2015: Somali federal parliament speaker together with his deputy Mahad Abdalle Awad pay a visit to German parliament where they take meeting with some MPs there.
March 10, 2015: The speaker of the parliament, Mohamed sheikh Osman Jawari officially opens a workshop for the Rules of Procedure Committee which is to run from 2 to 8 March 2015, in the capital of Uganda, related to the planning of the Sixth Session of the Federal Parliament of Somalia. The workshop was organized within the framework of AWEPA’s Program “Supporting Legislative Institutions in Somalia”.

March 17, 2015: The deputy speaker Somali federal parliament, Mahad Abdalla Awad touches at Garowe airport where he took meeting with the speaker of Puntland’s Puntland.
The two discuss wide range issues the relations between the federal parliament and Puntland’s regional parliament.
March 17, 2015: Speaker of federal parliament, Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari take meeting with United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) Nicholas Kay, some foreign ambassadors based in Mogadishu like Djiboutian, Sweden and Switzerland ambassadors at his office in Mogadishu.
The sides discuss key Vision 2016 deadlines to complete the country’s formation process and other issues.
March 17, 2015: A Workshop implemented AWEPA with a view to widening and strengthening the knowledge base and the soft skills of Somali Women Parliamentarians, in areas such as leadership and self-confidence, resource mobilization and accountability, gender-budgeting, scrutiny of Bills from a gender perspective with the objective of engendering the legislation enacted by the House was officially opened by first Deputy Speaker Jeylani Noor Iika .
March 21, 2015: After the conclusion of the fifth session, some Somali federal parliamentarians who were given 15 days to visit their constituencies as provisional constitution of Somalia reach kismayo town to discuss with IJA leaders.
The MPs tour many places including Kismayo market, the town’s central police station, IJA central bank and Kismayo General Hospital.
April 3, 2015: A meeting between Somali parliament and aid agencies concludes in Kampala, Uganda.The three day meeting was to discuss on the completion of parliamentary agendas before the end of its term in 2016.
The two sides came up a raft of agreements over how to co-operate in ensuring Parliament leaves up to its expectations.
April 5, 2015: Parliamentary committee of internal affairs and Regional Administration deputy chairperson, Dahir Amiin Jeesow articulates Al-shabab’s attacks on Government institution.
Jeesow calls the government to come with clear plan to stop the heinous attacks of the group,
April 5, 2015: The veteran Somali MP Hussein Mohamoud Moose Aka Bantu passed on in Mogadishu after a long illness.
April 8, 2015: The head of Somali parliament secretariats Abdikariin Hajji Abdi aka Buuh says 20 the April will be the opening of the 6th session of the Federal Parliament of Somalia.
April 14, 2015: Delegation comprising of MPs, elders, intellectuals hail from Hiran region reach Baladwein to hold talks with people of the town.
April 15, 2015: Parliamentary Standing Committee declares that the opening ceremony of its 6th session was postponed and will kick off on April 27th .