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Puntland Accuses Somali Government Misleading Implementing Of Federalism

Storyline:National News

puntlandThe cabinet ministers of Semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland, has taken discussion meeting in the administrative capital, Garowe.
The gathering which chaired by the regional president of Puntland State, Abdiweli Mohaed Ali Gaas,was discussed on wide range issues including security affairs, Somalia’s federalism process and latest political crises covered the nation’s atmosphere which is nearly to shake the systematic governance of the country.
The participators accused the federal government of Somalia of Hijacking implementation of the federal system as this would be a stumbling block to vision 2016.
The Puntland vowed that they will take a decision of public self-governance which it did not specify.
It was 7th this month when Puntland backed the decision of Interim Jubba Administration to cut off all relations with Somali Federal Government over the passing of controversial no-confidence motion in newly formed IJA regional Assembly.
Statement from Puntland president’s office has condemned what it described as the unconstitutional move by national assembly parliament to dissolve Juba regional parliament.


It also highlights that Somali federal parliament in Mogadishu has by passed article 50 of the federal constitution and thus pushing it to another year of political crisis.