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Puntland administration investigates landmine attack against Mudug deputy governor

Storyline:National News

Semi autonomous administration of Puntland in Northern Somalia is still making investigation to know the  individuals behind land mine explosion targeted with the vice gorvorner of Mudug administration.

The second vice governor of Mudug region Ahmed Muse speaking to Goobjog FM said the security agencies in the region launched thorough investigations to pursue the attackers.

“ investigations are underway but no one was still arrested in connection with the attacks” he said.

On the other the official confirmed that the security of Galkayo district was tightened adding that the security forces are vigilant to put to a stop the planned security threats.

It was last Sunday when unknown armed men targeted landmine explosion with the first deputy governor of Mudug region Farhan Ali Haad, the official sustained injuries, he was rushed to hospital for treatment where he is recovering.