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Puntland administration ready to work out the rift between the top leaders

Storyline:National News

Golaha Wasiirada Puntland

The cabinet ministers of semi autonomous regional state of Puntland held extra-ordinary meeting in Garowe last night.

The meeting chaired by the vice president of Puntland vice president Abdihakim camey focused on the simplest way of solving the rift between Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Prime minister of federal government of Somalia that has started after the reshuffle of the cabinet.

After intensive debate that has taken hours on the issue Puntland cabinet issued statement comprising of five points.

1.To solve the rift between the top leaders of Somalia in line with the provincial constitution of the country.

2. urged the leaders to show compromise for the general interest of Somali people and end the difference through dialogue.

3. Also called the international community to play their part actively to immediately end the rift between the top leaders.

4. The administration of Puntland is ready to take part the efforts of resolving the disparity between the leaders.

5. finally the ministers called the public to protect the stability of the country and refrain from anything that harm the security and unity of the people.